Saturday, May 20, 2006


EcoQuest Air Purifier Testimonials

If you are thinking about getting and air purifier from EcoQuest then you might want to know about all the testimonials they have received over the years.

Obviously one of the tests of an air purifiers, or any other technology product for that matter, is does it do what the manufacturer and the distributors of the product claim it does? Well, EcoQuest has had so many people testify over the years of the incredible benefit of their Living Air and Fresh Air purifiers one could draw the conclusion that their air purifiers definitely work.

There have been testimonials about cleaned up smells in nursing homes.

There have been testimonials of EcoQuest air purifiers cleaning up the smell of a basement. If you've ever had a basement you know what I mean when I say "basement smell."

testimonies come have come in about cleaning up the odors after serious water damage has occurred.

There have been testimonies about cleaning up smells in a pet store.

Sometimes brand new homes have a smell that just won't go away. Some people like the new home smell and some people don't like it because of the chemicals that are used in the construction process. An EcoQuest air purifier will take care of this for you.

There have been testimonials from veterinary clinics about removing smells from skunks!

Nail salons are another place that have given testimonials about EcoQuest air purifiers.

Restaurants have written in the tell of the great benefits of having smoke smells removed from their lounges.

People have written in to tell how they can now breathe easier in their homes because of the clean air their air purifier now gives them.

Is there a testimonial example above that fits some problem you may be facing?

There are plenty more where those came from...

To read more EcoQuest air purifier testimonials you can visit this page and then click on EcoQuest Testimonial Book under the General Information category.


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