Wednesday, May 10, 2006


EcoQuest Air Purification Systems

EcoQuest Air Purifiers have been scientifically tested and therefore proven to be a solution for getting rid of smoke, all kinds of odors and cigarette smoke.

No other air purifier company can make this claim about their systems.

Also your bathroom or any other room can be sanitized by placing an ozone blaster Fresh Air by Ecoquest, or other Living Air unit, on high in the affected unoccupied area.

The way to do this would be to put an EcoQuest Air purifier like the Living Air purifier in a bathroom on high and close the door for several hours.

After a several hour process your bathroom or other room or even your car has effectively been sanitized.

Because of the way each air purifier is designed and its intended purpose, each purification system requires different time frames to reach high enough oxidation levels to effectively sanitize a room, so see your owner's manual for specific recommendations for the air purifier you own.

You can also reduce dust and dander by using your Living Air System with the EcoTech and the extra EcoHelp filter. Let your Living Air unit run 24 hours a day and help improve the quality of the air inside your home.

The more advanced Fresh Air by EcoQuest also incorporates Radiant Catalytic Ionization or RCI which will greatly improve on the results previously mentioned.

Radiant Catalytic Ionization is a super high tech process that combines high intensity ultra-violet light with a multi-metallic coating to produce super oxide ions and hydro-peroxides, which will reduce contamination in the air and odors in your home.

Ask your EcoQuest dealer for more details.

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