Thursday, March 30, 2006


What Have You Used Your EcoQuest Air Purifier For?

Well ladies and gentlemen, the question is being asked, what have you used your EcoQuest air purifier for?

If you have an air purifiers from EcoQuest you already know the magnificent job it does of getting rid of odors, reducing dust and keeping your home clean and fresh smelling.

But, did you know that there are several things you can do with your air purifier like the Fresh Air or the Living Air Classic besides just setting it on the china cabinet and letting it do its magic.

Yes, you can use it to freshen your bedding, deodorize your stinky tennis shoes, deodorize your car and you can even use it to get the smell of onions or garlic off of your hands, plus about a million other uses.

So, have you, yes you reading this, found a unique use for your Fresh Air machine, Living Air Classic, Fresh Air To Go, Fresh Air Spectrum or any of the several other air purification systems by EcoQuest?

If you have, people want to know about it so click on the comments below and leave an interesting or unique story about the benefits you've experienced from using one of these top of the line air purifiers.

People are always looking for different ways to rid their homes, cars and offices of unwanted smells and germs, so here's your chance to let the world know your little secret.

Let's hear from you!

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I purchased a '93 Ford Aeostar Van 3 years ago. It had a human sweaty smell, like someone hadn't taken a bath in quite sometime. The deal was great so I bought it anyway. We cleaned the carpet and upholstery, and used a full bottle of FeBreeze in it. Smelled great, but within 3 days the odor was right back. Six months ago, i purchased a Fresh Air 2.0 for my home. It totally removed the smell of cigarette smoke, and Pete's (our pet) doggy smell in about 3 days. Then after a week I realized I didn't spit up flame ever morning like I used to.
Going through the paperwork on our Fresh Air Purifier one day, I saw where they suggested you do your car with it. With an extention cord, I put it in the van and ran it on high, (Away Mode) for 4 hours. The odor was completely gone! The best part is that it is now several months later, and the odor was obviously permanently eliminated!! It's so great that this product really works.

Mike Byrum, Elizabeth City, NC
Thanks Mike for adding your comments!

Yes, I've seen many situations like yours where other solutions have been tried with little to no results.
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