Wednesday, March 01, 2006


EcoQuest Is Known For Air Purification, But Now For Laundry? Introducing LaundryPure!

EcoQuest International is know for its high tech air purification systems like Fresh Air and Living Air Classic, but soon they will be known for clean laundry.

The revolutionary new LaundryPure from EcoQuest International, is slated to be introduced sometime in early March. (I thought it was going to be today, March 1st)

LaundryPure will clean your clothes and all your laundry without the need for detergent, hot water, fabric softeners or other harsh chemicals. This will greatly increase the life of your clothes, saving you dollars, unless you are a compulsive shopper.

Recently at home and garden shows the public response to LaundryPure has been incredible. Even though LaundryPure isn't yet available many people wanted it right away and others expected to pay as much as $1,200 for it. In reality they were amazed to find out it was priced at $747.

Ask your EcoQuest dealer for more details on LaundryPure. If you are in need of an air purifier, you can ask them about that too!

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