Sunday, March 26, 2006


EcoQuest Air Purifiers Reviews and Information -

If you are searching for information about the air purifiers like the Fresh Air, Living Air Classic, Fresh Air Buddy, Fresh Air Spectrum or the Fresh Air DuctwoRx. manufactured by EcoQuest International, then is for you.

At you will find out the EcoQuest air purifiers are the top selling and most sought after air purifiers in the world. Plus you will also find information on air contamination, what's in your air and how breathing skanky air can affect your health.

In fact the EPA has said that:

"Indoor air pollution is America's Number One Environmental Health Concern. Fifty percent (50%) of all illness is caused by indoor air pollution."

You will also read about how major media outlets like The New Your Times are starting to notice indoor air pollution and starting to write and speak out about the problems associated with poor air quality.

Additional information includes how EcoQuest air purification systems work in a natural way to clean your air using ultraviolet light, Radiant Catalytic Ionization (RCI) and hydroxyls. It all sounds like an alphabet soup of technical mishmash but it doesn't really matter if you can say it because it works and that is the important thing.

You can also read about the risk of buying an EcoQuest air purifier on the internet and that the only authorized presencese on the net for EcoQuest products are the web sites,, and

Testimonials are also part of the web site. you can read a variety of letters and quotes from people who have benefited from using one of the air cleaning systems manufactured by EcoQuest International.

Lastly, if you don't have or know of an EcoQuest dealer in your area, you can sign up on the site to be contacted by an EcoQuest representative and get a free 3 to 5 day free trial of one of their air purifiers.

Visit today.

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